Konstantin Leonov, CC0 (free, no copyright) photography
コンスタンティン レオーノフ、CC0 (無料、コピーライト無し) 写真

Hello, thanks for coming to donation page!

If you're really intended to donate, you shall first read what I have to say.
Donating does not mean I will do a better job at photography or will do more photos, or will not drop the photography at all, in fact it does not mean anything, however, as of now, 2013/02/15 I do not have an intention to stop shooting, in fact, I need supplies to get started on with my filmwork.
So, if that doesn't scare you and you still would like to say "thanks" for my previous works by donation, please use bitcoin (preferred) address 1J7vUYU1u2WiVEYnZqU8b8iDetdWxkNXbT or if you don't have it, you can always buy it using BTC-E or Bitstamp markets or many other options from those listed on bitcoin wiki. Sorry to say there are no other options at the moment, my paypal account was blocked for no obvious reason and i have no intention restoring it.

Thank you very much for your donation and coming all the way!